Powered by advanced analytics, Prop-Log makes it easy to buy, sell or rent properties. The portal’s search filters, search engine and ranking algorithms empower you to find your dream home without having to sieve through thousands of posts and photographs.

If you are a real estate agent or a property owner, Prop-Log lets you advertise your property on Google so that customers land directly on your property page. This is by far the fastest way to market your property because it targets interested customers who are searching for properties with intent to purchase or rent. It is inexpensive, effective and efficient.

This approach to advertising, which is unique to Prop-Log, ensures that fakes are not listed. Unlike other portals that boast hundreds of thousands of listed properties, Prop-Log maintains a higher quality collection of properties that are genuinely for sale.

The portal is a highly automated, lean platform that does not charge any subscription fees (no listing fees). It is a unique proposition that relies on targeted online advertisements and the use of advanced analytics to impart superior value to home buyers, tenants, property owners and property agents.

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