Advertise on Google to Rent Out your Property

Video  Video on how to advertise your property on Google.

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Why Advertise on Google? It is Quickest way to Sell or Rent Out your Property, and PropLog makes it Easy and Inexpensive

By advertising your property on Google, PropLog makes it quick and easy to rent out properties.

Rented out in 5 days! The ad appeared 57,000+ times, generating 1,400+ clicks, 280 leads. (Source Google Ads Analytics for a property rental ad).

There is always the sense of urgency. You are losing rental income everyday your property is vacant.

The “gurus” tell you what you already know. Price it right, be flexible, create a good impression etc etc.

They do not tell you what is most important. You need to advertise your property on Google. It is by far the fastest way to sell or rent out your property. Why? Because your customers go to Google with intent to transact. They are searching for properties to buy/rent.

Property portals charge you subscription/listing fees. Then they advertise their portals, NOT your property. And your house or commercial establishment gets lost in a jungle of 50,000 to 100,000 properties!

PropLog is different. It lets you advertise YOUR property on Google such that customers land directly on your property page. (Refer exhibit below). This not only triggers an ad on Google (via Google Ads), it also substantially boosts your on-platform ranking.

Advertising YOUR web page vs advertising portal.

Exhibit: Advertising YOUR property (rental example) — When your page is advertised, your content/phone number is displayed, and customers land directly on your webpage.

What will your ad look like? It will be similar to the ad shown in the exhibit. The ad headers and descriptions will be based on the information you provide in your listing. Your phone number will appear in the ad. And the landing page will be your property page.

It is affordable. Advertising on Google is more effective and less expensive compared to newspapers and other traditional media.

There is more good news. PropLog does not charge subscription or listing fees.

How to Advertise your Property on Google and List it on PropLog

To market your property online you require a property page that describes your property, and an advert that advertises it. The property page is where your prospects land after clicking the ad.

PropLog makes it easy for you to advertise your property on Google and boost its on-platform ranking. The process (see demo video on top of this page) involves filling in relevant details for Google Ads and your property page.

It’s easy — just follow these steps:

  1. Register with email and password.
  2. Login.
  3. Profile (after login). Go to your profile page to view/edit your personal PropLog webpage. In order to advertise, you need to top-up your your account by clicking the blue top-up button.
  4. Post (after login): You can describe your property the way you want to. Add photos and videos.
    As you will see from the demo video it takes only 2 to 3 min to post and advertise your property, provided your content, i.e. photos and property details, is ready.
    To advertise, you set the daily budget and the ad duration (in days). Note that:
    • You need to top-up your account if the balance is insufficient.
    • A proportion of the advertised amount goes to search advertising. In addition, advertising substantially raises (boosts) the post’s on-platform rank.
  5. POSTS (after listing ad): This is your home page. It maintains a record of all your property posts, and lets you advertise, refresh, view, edit, de-list and delete posts.

Now is a good time to get started. If you have questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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