Why Advertise on Google?

Advertising YOUR property web page on Google.

Exhibit: Advertising YOUR property (rental example) — When your page is advertised, your content/phone number is displayed, and customers land directly on your webpage.

Why Advertise on Google? It is Quickest way to Sell or Rent Out your Property, and Prop-Log makes it Easy and Inexpensive

There is always a sense of urgency. Delays cost money and lost opportunities!

The “gurus” tell you what you already know. Price it right, be flexible, create a good impression etc etc.

They do not tell you what is most important. You need to advertise your property on Google. It is by far the fastest way to sell or rent out your property. Why? Because your customers go to Google with intent to transact. They are searching for properties to buy/rent.

Property portals charge you subscription/listing fees. Then they advertise their portals, NOT your property. And your house or commercial establishment gets lost in a jungle of 50,000 to 100,000 properties!

Prop-Log is different. It lets you advertise YOUR property on Google such that customers land directly on your property page. (Refer exhibit). This not only triggers an ad on Google (via Google Ads), it also substantially boosts your on-platform ranking.

What will your ad look like? It will be similar to the ad shown in the exhibit. The ad headers and descriptions will be based on the information you provide in your listing. Your phone number will appear in the ad. And the landing page will be your property page.

It is affordable. Advertising on Google is more effective and less expensive compared to newspapers and other traditional media.

There is more good news. Prop-Log does not charge subscription or listing fees.